Inspiration for autumn – the black dress


Everyone in the fashion sphere goes on and on about the importance of having a black dress in your closet, but it’s easy to fall in the trap of looking like a dull individual with no personal touch whatsoever. This fall, the bohemian look continues to be hot, so I thought it would be nice to take this trend as a base to create a series of outfit ideas. The main idea was to start from a loose, comfy black dress and combine it with 1 or 2 other colours to give it a boho twist.

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 1

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 2

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 3

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 4

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 5

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 6

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 7

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 8

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 9

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 10

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 11

Etno inspiration for autumn - part 12

Etno inspiration for autumn- part 13

And how about you? Do you love this current boho trend?

Dare to be you


Finding your personal style is not a piece of cake. I too have been through this whole -let’s be honest- annoying process of assessing whether or not something in your closet or in a shop makes you feel you. Clear examples of that process are my blog… and my wardrobe. Some time ago, when I was still a size 6 (damn you, delicious food), I tended to buy a lot of clothes in all sorts of fashion styles. Romantic, classic, sporty, vintage, bohemian… you name it! Whenever I tried something on in a shop, it suited and pleased me, I just bought it. The result was a stuffed wardrobe and an overwhelmed me.

About a year ago (and a few extra pounds on the scale later), things changed slightly financially when me and my boyfriend bought our own house, so my shopping habits needed to change as well. I realised having a stuffed wardrobe does not bring happiness and that is not because something looked good on you that you really need to buy it. Because let’s face it: did I really need all that stuff? The world that we’re living in makes you think so. Each season, fashion magazines and shops seduce you into buying the next big trend. Some of us are easily seduced, others don’t give a shit and then there is a third group, including me, that is somewhere in between.

Taking another look at my wardrobe, I slowly started taking out things that didn’t seem like me though they fit me nice aesthetically. It’s still a work-in-progress, but we’re getting there. Shopping is even more easier nowadays. Things that don’t fit my style, are left on the racks and if they are already in my closet, taken out of it and donated or sold.

This closet struggle I’m still experiencing isn’t a matter of life and death, but for those of you who are as I sometimes a bit overwhelmed by fashion and clueless about their personal style, behold: the fashion style quiz. This buoy is here to rescue you from drowning in the sea of choices and temptations offered to you by the fashion industry. On the internet, you can find hundreds of quizzes where you can define what fashion style suits you and your life best. A personal favourite of mine is the following: The Chic Fashionista Fashion Style Quiz.

This quiz helps you find your personal style (or styles) answering 8 simple questions.

Here are my answers:
1) f
2) f
3) f
4) d
5) b
6) b
7) f
8) d

and the results:

a= 0
b= 2
c= 0
d= 2
e= 0
f= 3

For me, this means my main fashion style is creative mixed with the trendy and natural clothing style. Styles that fit my personality less (in general) are: classic, dramatic and romantic. Knowing this has helped me to assess the content of my wardrobe and eliminate what looks cute, but doesn’t feel like me. Now it’s your turn!

(source quiz: The Chic Fashionista. (2008-2013). Fashion Style Quiz. Consulted on 15th of August, 2015.)

To shave or not to shave? That is the question.


Hi there, folks! Yep, it’s me, I’m totally back again. I just felt the sudden urge to start writing again, so I figured: why not pick up blogging?! So, here I am, annoying you yet another time with words that really need to leave my mouth (or fingers, in this case).

Let’s celebrate the beginning of this blog period with the following question:

To shave or not to shave? 

That is the question.

Summer is almost knocking at our door. Time for us women (or men, if you are a real man) to take our floaty dresses and skirts (or shorts, if you are a truly emancipated woman) out of the closet. But with summer come knocking shaving blades, depilatory creams and hair removal machines. Knock, knock, motherfuckers, time to get all those body parts as smooth as a baby’s buttocks.

I’m sorry? You don’t shave down there?! What are you? A caveman (or -woman, let’s not be sexist)?! A lazy, unhygienic creature with utterly no respect for its own body and fellow humans?! Shame on you! And on me… Because here I am sitting, writing this blog post, with hairy legs. I didn’t feel the need in a week to shave my legs. O-m-g! I knooowww! Horrifying, right?

Truth be told, a better question would be: To care or not to care?

Don’t like your hairy self? Shave sister, and praise the Lord for those silky, heavenly light-weighted legs. But don’t enslave yourself to fit into an image dictated by society. The media are overflowing with messages like Get rid of those nasty little hairs that ruin your look!, but wait, here comes the good news: You… aren’t…forced…to follow…the hairless herd! If you decide to let those bodily hairs grow (from time to time of course, we aren’t animals after all), wear your hairs with pride. I heard a rumour that whispers almost all men and women are the proud possessors of body hair, like, all over their bodies… I know, quite disturbing, right?!

Girly girl, give us a swirl


So far, this week has been skirts and dresses in terms of outfit choices. Swirly and girly but still quite comfortable. Here are some of my latest looks:

outfit vr 8 nov 2013 2

outfit vr 8 nov 2013 3

outfit vr 8 nov 2013 1

outfit vr 8 nov 2013 6

outfit vr 8 nov 2013 9

Total look:
Medium aquamarine green T-shirt with round neck- Bonprix
Black cardicool- Esprit Collection
Black high-low skirt- Esprit Casual
Green tights- Insua
Flowered scarf- H&M
Black studded boots- SPM

outfit woe 13 nov 2013 1   outfit woe 13 nov 2013 4 outfit woe 13 nov 2013 5

Total look:
Purple mini dress- Edc by Esprit
Black leggings- Zeeman
Grey cardigan- Soft Grey
Soft gray flowered scarf- H&M
Black studded boots- SPM

outfit vr 15 nov 2013 13

outfit vr 15 nov 2013 12

outfit vr 15 nov 2013 11

outfit vr 15 nov 2013 9

outfit vr 15 nov 2013 10

outfit vr 15 nov 2013 15

Total look:
Light gray T-shirt with v-neck- Zeeman
Powder pink cardigan with round neck- La Redoute
Leaf printed scarf- H&M
Black high-low skirt- Esprit Casual
Black tights- HEMA
Black studded boots- SPM

I present thee… the perfect red skirt

As some of you readers may know, red is one of my most loved colours. Proof is the amount of red dresses in my closet, which is too damn high! Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the number of red skirts, because I have none. NONE, can you believe it! What an outrage! The thing is that I’ve been searching for the perfect red skirt for a very long time. And when miraculously, I find a red skirt that suits my needs, my size isn’t available anymore.  Aaargh! In my ideal world, I would own 2 types of red skirts, 1: a solid one, and 2: a printed version. The search for a perfect translation of these skirts is still ongoing. Here are some nice red skirts recently spotted on Polyvore:
I present thee... the perfect red skirt

Retro orange


I love, love, loooove retro prints. During my lunch break a few weeks ago, I was walking in the Lola & Liza store @ Kortrijk when a T-shirt/blouse with a pussybow and amazing retro print caught my eye. I tried it on, loved the colours and print but the size 34 was a little bit too small. Unfortunately, there was no size bigger available, not @ Kortrijk, not at another nearby L&L shop, so I returned to work empty-handed. That evening after work, I stopped by again to have another look at the beautiful print of the blouse. It was also available in a sleeveless version with a waterfall neck, but the fabric and cut of the top were more suited for summer than autumn, so again, I left empty-handed. I couldn’t get the blouse off my mind, so the next evening after work, a colleague and I decided to have a third look at the particular blouse. I retried it on, asked her opinion, but she, the sales assistants and I came to the same conclusion: “Lovely print, but a tiny bit too snug”. Now truly disappointed, I went home. Unable to get the print out of my head, I returned yet another time to the shop, to find two lovely dress versions of the blouse hanging on the same rack. Being entirely focused on that damn blouse, these two beauties had been totally neglected. I tried them on, and man, were they beautiful, and in MY size! The first one I tried on had a waterfall neck and no sleeves, while the second dress had a round neck and sleeves. It was a tad longer and the fabric was also a bit warmer and more autumn-appropriate, so I decided to go with the second one. The store staff said that I must really like the print for returning that often and I guess they must be right :D Boy, am I in love with this dress! The orange/dark navy/burgundy/royal blue print makes it easy to combine with stockings in a matching colour to create a very colourful and cheerful look.

outfit woe 6 nov 2013 9

outfit woe 6 nov 2013 3

outfit woe 6 nov 2013 10

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 15.20.03

Source picture:
Berca. (2012). SPM Shoes & Boots. 205395 Consulted on 6 of November, 2013.

Total outfit:
Retro print dress- L&L 
Orange stockings- Wibra 
Black lace booties with studs- SPM

P.S. I hope you can see past the bad quality of the OOTD (=outfit of the day) pictures. Due to the bad weather and the lack of daylight in the morning and evening, my boyfriend cannot take any pictures so my only solution is to make some with my laptop.

High low


I haven’t been a big fan of the high-low hemline trend. Generally speaking, it looks sloppy and just wrong to me. However, during the summer sale period, a black high-low skirt caught my eye. I could imagine it casual style with boots or more dressed up with a funky black heel. Seeing all the possible combinations, I decided to purchase it… and I haven’t regretted it once! The skirt is great for a typical summer day, and paired with stockings, it can be easily worn on colder autumn days. I’ve already worn this skirt a dozen times, for both work and play. One of my favourite combinations is to wear it with a purplish red and gold.

outfit zo 29 sept 2013 1

outfit zo 29 sept 2013 3

outfit zo 29 sept 2013 4

outfit zo 29 sept 2013 2

Total outfit:
Purplish red T-shirt- H&M L.O.G.G.
Gold statement necklace- H&M
Black cardicool- Camaïeu
Black high-low skirt- Esprit
Burgundy stockings- HEMA
Black studded lace-up boots- SPM
Turtoise sunglasses- thrifted