Moss green & grey


Grey jeans are very easy to combine. They work with neutral colours, bright and soft ones. A colour combo that I believe is really nice is moss green and grey:

Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.07 2

Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.07 3

Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.16 2

Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.15

Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.06 3

Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.13 3

Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.14 2Photo on 2016-04-12 at 20.04 4

I started this outfit with the grey jeans and wanted to keep the T-shirt in the same hue. To make the look more colourful, a moss green vest and a mint/white/gold statement necklace were added.

Total look (Tuesday 12th of April, 2016)
T-shirt- 3suisses
Cardigan- Edc by Esprit, bought last year in sales, currently available online in other colours (here and here)
Straight jeans- Esprit
Necklace- Forever21 (previously worn here)
Boots- Mezura


Royal blue & camel


A powerful colour combination that I adore is royal blue and camel:

Photo on 2016-04-28 at 18.45 2

Photo on 2016-04-28 at 18.43 2

Photo on 2016-04-28 at 18.45 4

Photo on 2016-04-28 at 18.42 4

Photo on 2016-04-28 at 18.46 2

I started this look by picking the camel suedine skirt, decided to combine it with the royal blue shirt with long sleeves and added blue tights and a necklace made by my granny to complete the outfit. When looking back at my previous posts the last months, I realise the brown boots I was wearing yesterday have been worn a ton of times. The perfect proof that they are super comfy and easy to combine! In my closet, I have a lot of different shoes, but you can easily say these booties are my favourites. I’m not looking forward to the day they are gonna fall apart. Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

Total look (Friday 29th of April, 2016)
Shirt- La Redoute
Skirt- C&A (previously worn here)
Tights- ?
Boots- Esprit
Necklace- gift by my granny (previously worn here)

PS: I know the last picture is crappier than crappy, but I wanted to show you guys the whole look and since I was alone that night, I had to snap a few pictures with my MacBook.


Pink lady


Hi sweeties! Brr, what a strange and cold weather we have been having the past few days here in Belgium. Yesterday I was in the mood to wear one of my summer dresses, but I had to pair tights with it because it was still quite cold outside. To make the dress really ‘me’, I decided to pick pink tights. That morning at work, one of my colleagues greeted me with ‘hi pink lady’ :-)

outfit za 23 04 16 2

outfit za 23 04 16 1

outfit za 23 04 16 5

outfit za 23 04 16 4

Total look (Saturday 23rd of April, 2016)
Dress- Edc by Esprit (previously worn here)
Cardigan- La Redoute (only worn outside for warmth)
Tights- ?
Boots- Esprit

Floral & suede


A lovely bohemian and trendy combination is floral and suede. In today’s post, I paired a floral blouse with a brown faux suede skirt:

outfit za 16 04 16 1

outfit za 16 04 16 2

outfit za 16 04 16 3

I believe this skirt is a piece that can easily get a lot of wear. The brown hue I chose works with lighter and darker colours and looks great with both solids and prints. The pattern mixing in this look is very subtle (navy floral and leopard). That way, the skirt gets the attention it deserves!

Total look (Saturday 16th of April, 2016)
Blouse- Esprit (previously worn here)
Tights- HEMA (previously featured here and here)
Boots- Esprit

Crochet fringe vest


If you need to buy a new cardigan/vest and want to be trendy, then a good choice this season are crochet fringe vests. You can wear them with a dress, a T-shirt and shorts, a blouse and a skinny or flare jeans etc. In today’s post, I’m wearing a cream version:

outfit woe 13 04 16 1

outfit woe 13 04 16 3

outfit woe 13 04 16 2

Photo on 2016-04-13 at 19.52

Total look (Wednesday 13th of April, 2016)
Dress- Edc by Esprit (previously worn here and here)
Tights- HEMA
Boots- Esprit

Black & salmon


Last Friday, I started my outfit with the salmon poncho vest and decided to pair it with my black skinny jeans and a long necklace I have had for ages. I love how it turned out:

outfit vr 08 04 16 1

outfit vr 08 04 16 2

outfit vr 08 04 16 4

outfit vr 08 04 16 3

Total look (Friday the 8th of April, 2016)
T-shirt- Edc by Esprit
Salmon vest- Esprit (previously worn here)
Skinny jeans- Esprit (also worn here)
Boots- Mezura
Necklace- Promod I think

How to give a boho twist to a boyfriend jeans – part 2

Today’s post is the second one in my ‘How to give a boho twist to a boyfriend jeans’-series. (Check out the first one here.)
How to give a boho twist to a boyfriend jeans- part 2
Pair a boyfriend jeans with a white peasant blouse and (fake) leather loafers, add a long boho necklace and you’re good to go! This look doesn’t take a lot of effort and is super comfortable. If you don’t like white, you can pick a boho blouse in any other colour you like. Just keep in mind: the wider the cut, the better.