Trend spotted: the poncho cardigan


This winter has been all about about ponchos. I just loooove this trend and am happy it will be continued in spring/summer 2016 collections.

During the sales period, I bought a nice dark blue cardigan version in a wool blend with short sleeves. It’s warm enough to wear at work but not too much either. For a person like me who sweats easily, this a good alternative to a wool cardigan with long sleeves. Ponchos are very versatile and can be worn with dresses, skirts, pants…
Here’s two ideas on how to wear them:

outfit vr 22 01 2016 2b

outfit vr 22 01 2016 1b

outfit vr 22 01 2016 3a

Total look 1:
Plaid shirt- Esprit
Poncho cardiganEsprit
Boyfriend skinny jeans- Esprit
Blue ‘Timberland’ boots- Mezura

outfit za 23 01 2016 2a

outfit za 23 01 2016 1a

outfit za 23 01 2016 3a

Total look 2:
Blue paisley dressEsprit
Poncho cardigan- Esprit
Tights- HEMA
Boots – Esprit

Do any of you readers have a poncho (cardigan)? How do you wear it?





Dressing for an award show


Last Thursday, me, my boyfriend and some friends were invited to the live broadcast of the MIA’s, which is a music industry award show in the Flemish part of Belgium. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of our outfits, but below is a picture of the dress I wore:

Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 17.41.59

We had standing tickets, so I had to wear flat shoes under my dress. I wore my light brown boots (previously worn here) and was pleased to notice that the dress was almost touching the ground for once. Generally, maxi dresses are too short for me. I combined the dress with a poncho vest, but quickly took the vest off once inside because it was really hot in the studio. To accessorize, I added a pair of long, pearly earrings and a nude clutch.

The show was a great experience!





First of all, a late happy New Year to you all! I wish you all the love in the world, a good health and lots of lovely moments with your friends and family.

Sorry I have been MIA for some time, but the past few weeks were quite busy and on top of that, I didn’t seem to be able to get my pictures online. That problem seems to be solved now, so here I am again!

To start the new blog year, here’s what I was wearing on New Year’s Eve:

outfit do 31 12 2015 1b

outfit do 31 12 2015 2b

outfit do 31 12 2015 3a

I had to work that day and my legs felt really heavy and tired that night from standing all day, so I chose to wear my black, flat boots. To make it somewhat more dressy, I added a statement necklace to the bodycon dress I was wearing.

Don’t mind the tired expression on my face. These pictures were taken right before we went to bed and it was already quite late ;-)

Total look:
Dress- Esprit
Tights- HEMA
Boots- Mezura
Statement necklace- H&M

I’m curious to know what you wore on New Year’s Eve (if you still remember, haha). Let me know in the comments!

Christmas week 2015


Ho ho ho! A late Merry Christmas to you all!

The past few days have been very busy and so will be the days to come, but I wanted to show you what I wore last week.

Wednesday was a normal day at work. I was in the mood for green and decided to pair a basic dark green shirt with a beige skirt. Unfortunately, I discovered that there was a big hole in my green houndstooth tights, so I quickly added a pair of black over-the-knee socks:

outfit woe 23 12 2015 1a

outfit woe 23 12 2015 2a

outfit woe 23 12 2015 6

outfit woe 23 12 2015 4

outfit woe 23 12 2015 5

outfit woe 23 12 2015 3

Total look:
Green shirt- Esprit
Beige skirt with ethnic pattern- Edc by Esprit
Green houndstooth tights- Veritas, don’t remember the exact brand
Over-the-knee socks- H&M, new
Black boots- Mezura
Scarf- Edc by Esprit

On Christmas Eve, I had to work during the day. I wore my long blue floral print dress (previously worn here). When I came home, I quickly showered, did my make-up and changed into another outfit to celebrate Christmas Evening with my family-in-law:

outfit do 24 12 2015 2b

outfit do 24 12 2015 1b

outfit do 24 12 2015 3

Total look:
Burgundy sweater with glitter thread- Edc by Esprit, similar here
Black pencil skirtH&M
Boots- Mezura
Statement necklace- Camaïeu

Christmas Day was spent at my grandparents’. I decided to wear red and orange:

outfit vr 25 12 2015 2a

outfit vr 25 12 2015 1b

outfit vr 25 12 2015 3

outfit vr 25 12 2015 4

Total look:
Tights- Wibra
Boots- Ellos 

On Saturday and Sunday, I had to work as well and since my legs felt tired and a bit swollen, I took my blue maxi skirt out of the closet and wore it two different ways:

outfit za 26 12 2015 1a

outfit za 26 12 2015 3b

outfit za 26 12 2015 4

Total look:
Floral blouse- Esprit
Blue camisole (not visible)- Esprit
Blue maxi skirt- Edc by Esprit
Boots- Esprit
Cardigan- Bonprix

outfit zo 27 12 2015 2b

outfit zo 27 12 2015 1a

outfit zo 27 12 2015 3

Total look:
Plaid shirt- Esprit
Skirt- Edc by Esprit
Boots- Esprit
Statement necklace- H&M

Apparently, my boyfriend doesn’t like this maxi skirt. He said it looks like a nun skirt. Oh well, I like it, and we can’t always please the boys, can we ;-) Sorry for the similar poses, but the pictures are always taken in quite a hurry. That also explains why the maxi skirt isn’t worn straight on the last pictures ;-)

Dressing up without buying something new


This weekend, we had to dress up at work. I wasn’t in the mood for a super dressy dress, so I decided to create a chic look with a few statement pieces and keep the rest casual. As you know, comfort is everything to me. I believe looking nice and chic at the same time can still be achieved without having to buy a new dress or suit for every occasion. If you already have a few statement pieces in your closet, you can definitely make this work.

This is what I chose to wear Saturday:

outfit za 19 12 2015 1a

outfit za 19 12 2015 2a

outfit za 19 12 2015 3a

outfit za 19 12 2015 4a

outfit za 19 12 2015 5

Total look:
Gray T-shirt- La Redoute
CardiganEsprit collection
Pleather skirt- Esprit
Tights- H&M
Boots- Mezura

The statement necklace is the center of this outfit. To spice it up even more, I added glitter tights and a pleather skirt. On the pictures, you cannot see it, but I used several shades of eyeshadow for my eyes (a golden yellow, light green and blue) and cobalt blue mascara. I love how the colour of my T-shirt and tights match perfectly. They’re gray, but somehow on the photos they seem purplish.

and Sunday:

outfit zo 20 12 2015 2a

outfit zo 20 12 2015 1a

outfit zo 20 12 2015 3a

Total look:
Sparkly T-shirt- Edc by Esprit
Gray cardigan- 3suisses
Black maxi skirt- Camaïeu
Boots- Mezura

For this look, I started with the maxi skirt and added a glitter T-shirt to make it more festive. In the morning, my make-up (berry lips and light pink and fuchsia for my eyes) and hair were a bit nicer, but you know how it is after a long day ;) The pictures were taken in a hurry before my bf and I went to the theater to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I loved it! Have any of you guys seen the new Star Wars movie?


Paisley print


One of the prints that I love most is paisley. It’s a print that I never get tired of. On Friday, I was wearing a dress with this type of pattern. The colours are great and give you lot of combination options. I bought this dress at the end of this summer and have worn it a few times with bare legs since then, but it can be worn all seasons I think. Here, I paired it with burgundy tights and a berry coloured cardigan.

outfit vr 18 12 2015 2b

outfit vr 18 12 2015 1a

outfit vr 18 12 2015 3b

outfit vr 18 12 2015 4b

Total look:
Cardigan- C&A
Tights- HEMA
Boots- Even&Odd


Blue red


One of the two most present colours in my wardrobe are red and blue.

Some of the outfits I wore in the past days are the perfect example of the love for these colours.

Last Thursday, I was wearing a tunic dress with a hippie print:

outfit do 10 12 2015 2b

outfit do 10 12 2015 1a

outfit do 10 12 2015 4b

outfit do 10 12 2015 3b

Total look:
Dress- Esprit
Cardigan- C&A
Leggings- HEMA
Boots- Esprit

Friday’s look was denim and leopard:

outfit vr 11 12 2015 2b

outfit vr 11 12 2015 1b.JPG

outfit vr 11 12 2015 3a

outfit vr 11 12 2015 4

Total look:
T-shirt- Esprit
Denim shirt- Esprit
Blue skirt- Esprit
Leopard tights- HEMA
Boots- Mezura
Necklace- gift from my granny, self-made

Yesterday, I was wearing a burgundy dress with a cardigan over it. The first picture is a bit silly, I know. It had been a long day at work and I was really tired. Whenever I’m tired, I have a habit of acting crazy :D
When looking at the pictures of the last outfit, I think it looks more boxy than I thought. I have a rather straight figure with slight curves and wearing the cardigan over the dress like this makes me realize that it seems like I have absolutely no waist. And somehow, it seems to add a lot of weight to my figure (except to my booby area, dammit ;-)). Maybe it’s just the poses, I don’t know. But I like the tights and the colour combination of petrol blue and burgundy. Oh, and meet one of my two guinea pigs, Biscuit.

outfit di 15 12 2015 3

outfit di 15 12 2015 4

outfit di 15 12 2015 5b

outfit di 15 12 2015 5

Total look:
Cardigan- C&A
Tights- ?
Boots- Mezura